Steam Turbine TL 45

TL45The TL 45 turbine offers the greatest operating versatility, developing a max. power of around 900 kW, which allows it to be used with pumps, air compressors or alternators.

Technical Characteristics:

Nominal speed 1500 to 4500 rpm
Max. rating (under maximum steam conditions) 900 kW
Shaft end diameter, horizontal model 63 m6
Shaft end diameter, vertical model /
Wheel nominal diameter 714 mm
Max. blade height 38 mm
Number of blades 176
Shaft height 470 mm
Max. number of injectors 3
Max. number of hand valves 2
Running bearing Regulated bush (1)
Thrust bearing Regulated collet (1)
Max. number of graphite bushes 5
Critical speed 7320 rpm
Intake flange diameter (inches) 4, 5 or 6
Exhaust flange diameter (inches) 10
Max. number of flow straighteners 2
Rotor 13.32 m²/kg
Hydrostatic test pressure for coolers and water chambers 8 bar g
Shaft diameter under Wheel 65 mm